Check out how our launch service went!

Hey Guys

Elevate is putting on a Charity Banquet to jump start our new Campaign and also explain how our launch is going to go when we get there. This Banquet is this Tuesday at 6:30-8 and it is at West Central Tech in Douglasville. If you would like to come or know…Read More

Check out our new promo video!


So as you know me and Kevin are going to plant a church in San Diego, Ca next summer, well we have been doing a series of fundraisers these last couple of weeks, and this saturday we are selling krispy kremes and we have 200 boxes to sell, so if you can come…Read More

We Need Prayer Partners!!!

Hey guys one of the three goals that we are trying to reach as a team, is to get at least 200 prayer partners for the next 2 years!! If this is something you can do please contact me @ [email protected], with your contact info!!
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