Sightline needs your help!

Sightline Friends-- Help Sightline get 13,000 email subscribers by 12/13. First 75 get a FREE climate handbook. #13,000 gets a FREE Chinook Book. Sign up for top sustainability headlines, blog summaries, or research updates! Spread the…Read More

Sightline Fall Fund Drive is Underway!

Hello Sightline Cause members! Do you enjoy Sightline Daily? How about the Weekly Score or our policy primers? These are all community supported services that only exist because of the generosity of readers, subscribers and sustainability champions like…Read More

Help Sightline win a Grant at Patagonia Seattle!

Hi Sightliners-- Sightline is up for a Patagonia Voice Your Choice grant in the Seattle store! Stop by and vote between now and October 24! Learn more about Voice your Choice here: Have a great…Read More

Sightline is hiring, and almost 100 members!

Dear Sightliners, Wow! Sightline's only had a cause page for about a week and you've already recruited 92 members! It is great to see people engaging with us in this way- I think we can make 100. All it takes is an invite to some more of your sustainability…Read More
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