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A Latté for Steve! Five Dollars for turning 55!

As you many of you know, I am turning 55 on Friday. I would like to try a social networking experiment for my birthday in support of the UKanTeach program. UKanTeach ( is science and math teacher preparation program at the University of Kansas. This is a very exciting and effective effort to enhance science and math teaching. The ultimate goal is to improve science and math learning and understanding for all people. It is a new and experimental program and many of the elements that make it such a powerful experience are not funded by money (State) from the University. These elements have to be supported by private efforts.

So here is where Latte’s, my birthday and social networking come into play. Using Facebook I would like to see how many people we can get to wish me a Happy Birthday by donating $5.00 to the UKanTeach program, the price of a latte’! If you use Facebook you can go to the UKanTeach “cause” page where you will see a large DONATE button. This button will bring you to the UKanTeach donation page where you can see that many of these elements are directly supportive of our students! Keep following this path by clicking on the donate button one more time. This will bring to you the actual page where you can make your birthday wish. If you do not want to take so many steps and/or do not use Facebook, you can go the UKanTeach donation page or directly to the our KU Endowment page where you make your donation In any case, make sure to mention your donation is a Latte’s for Steve.

Please pass along to any of your friends, virtual or otherwise, that you think might be interested. Nothing would make for a happier birthday then very broad support for our students in UKanTeach! For the price of a Latte’ we can make a real difference.

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