Prepare high quality science and math secondary teachers.

UKanTeach is a collaborative program of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Education that prepares and supports secondary mathematics and science teachers at the University of Kansas. The UKanTeach certificate program is designed to be completed along with an approved BS or BA degree to fulfill the requirements necessary for the UKanTeach Certificate in your desired area of licensure: mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or physics. By completing the program students will fulfill the course requirements necessary to gain state licensure eligibility in the above mentioned areas of licensure to become a secondary teacher.
The UKanTeach Program relies heavily upon funding from its generous donors. Donations support portions of the program that cannot be financed with state funding. The largest expense under this category is the Internship Program. Each semester UKanTeach funds 20 to 40 internships. These jobs provide our students with both financial assistance and practical education related experiences.

Another demanding area that requires attention is the Induction Program. While the State has mandated that the Universities continue to support their new teachers, no funding has been appropriated in order to meet this obligation. The first 5 years are the most crucial times in a teacher's career; almost half leave the profession within this period. UKanTeach has set the ambitious goal of continuing to support all its graduates who enter teaching. Some of the support has included professional development, and funding to attend professional conferences.

1. A scientifically literate citizenry is critical to the advancement of society.

2. Science and Math teachers are critical to developing that understanding.