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Help Save Lives for Christmas

Dear Friends for Life,

As counter-intuitive as it seems, The Women's Center is extra busy around the holidays. As many of us are blessed to be spending time with our families this time of year, but many women in a crisis pregnancy experience more poignantly a lack of family love and support. The Christmas season brings with it heightened emotions of both happiness as well as grief within the family and adding an unplanned pregnancy to that dynamic is a challenge some would rather not face. We have the opportunity to be even more effective in our pro-life mission this Christmas season. What better time to show the love of Christ and to join as a Christian family in the joyful hope of extending our family! Just last Saturday a couple left waving to us after they sat in their car facing a big group of prayer advocates. Don't underestimate the power of being there!

Some of you may be discouraged by the cold weather, but for us to suffer the cold climate speaks to the hearts of those seeking an abortion. Christ suffered for us, so let us offer a tiny fraction of that suffering in gratitude to Him whose birth we are celebrating and in love for his precious infants and his lost children who are seeking an abortion. If only they knew of His love they would weep at having ever thought of rejecting Him and this miracle of life. Let us join together this Christmas season to show the infinite love of our Saviour.

There is still a need for prayer advocates on all abortion days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Please consider coming out on the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

Women's Center Schedule
Week of Christmas :
Abortions: Mon, Tues,
Week of New Years
Monday, Tuesday and Saturday

Please let me know when you will be available to offer your presence outside of The Women's Center.

Jane Donnelly

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