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God is Made Present Through Your Prayerful Presence

 More Prayer, Less Socializing, from Msgr. Philip Reilly

The most important thing to happen outside of an abortion clinic is for people to be there in prayer. When a pregnant woman approaches the abortion clinic and she sees people praying outside the mill, whether as part of the large prayer Vigil or in a follow-up prayerful presence or as individual counselors praying, the pregnant woman immediately, consciously or subconsciously, thinks of God. God is made present through your prayerful presence. And the existence of her hidden unborn baby, the potential victim, whose existence our society forgets or denies, is also made present by your prayerful presence. Moreover, your prayers are obtaining from God for the frightened mothers the trust and courage to choose life for their unborn children. To be effective, the pray-ers and the counselors also need each other and should act as is difficult to maintain silence and prayer over a long period of time. Yet every woman is equally important whether she comes early or late. She must not be deprived of your prayerful presence. If a helper volunteer or volunteers need to talk or relax, the person or persons should take a brief walk away from the group, rather than turning the prayerful presence into a coffee break.

Dear Friends for Life,

Thanks to all of you who have been present at the prayer vigil. In this life, you nor I will know of the effectiveness of your obedience, surely it would be too much for us to comprehend. Blessings abound! If you have not yet had a chance to join the vigil, please make every effort in these last days. Sign up at There are only 11 days remaining of Nashville's first 40 Days for Life. Don't miss out on being a part of this great mobilization of pro-lifers in our community and help save lives with your faithfulness!


Jane Donnelly

Jane Donnelly
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