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Tomorrow Last Day of 40 Days!

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow will be the last day of this fall's 40 Days for Life Campaign. It has been so encouraging to meet so many dedicated pro-lifers who have been willing to brave inclement weather to take a stand for life. Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night kept the faithful from praying. Many of the prayer advocates prayed multiple shifts each day, and without the dedication of the staff at Tennessee Right to Life, many shifts might have gone uncovered. Still, we are grateful for a good and positive response to our first 40 Days efforts in the Nashville area!

Today, a prayer advocate prayed while a young woman was standing outside wrestling with her decision. After a time of speaking and praying for the young lady for at least 15 minutes, she called to ask her friends to pick her up!! She changed her mind!! 3 or 4 other clients left after briefly entering the building.

Update on Monique: Friday, a prayer advocate handed her a list of job postings from Vanderbilt Hospital. Today when she arrived, she was carrying them into the office to to look online to see if they were still available. Pray that God continues to lead her out of the abortion business, and that she would be obedient. We believe that Monique's leaving will be a domino effect, and many more will follow her lead.

We would like to end the final hour of our first 40 Days vigil with a large group prayer effort tomorrow, November 1st. If possible, we'd like for everyone who has been involved with 40 Days in Nashville to please come out to the vigil tomorrow for the last hour, 5pm to 6pm. We will be having a candlelight vigil as we join hearts to pray for a change in our city. We can't always see the results of our efforts, especially when it comes to the unborn. It would be impossible to be humble in our perseverance if we could see the fruits of obedience. As one of our faithful prayer advocates says, "You can always count the amount of seeds in an apple, but you can never count the amount of apples from a seed."

One last thing, next Saturday, November 7, Tennessee Right to Life will be hosting the Celebration of Life Dinner. Lila Rose, whose undercover investigation at Memphis Planned Parenthood was key to the legislature's defunding of planned parenthood earlier this year, will be the guest speaker. We will also hear highlights and see video footage of this falls local 40 Days efforts. Tickets to the event are $50 for the dinner and $100 for the dinner and reception. If $50 is above your budget, we do have a limited number of comped seats available thanks to the generosity of sponsors. RSVP by Wednesday at 3pm to ensure your seat. [email protected] OR 298-5433

For Life,
Jane Donnelly

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