The Buxton Initiative builds understanding among people of different faiths and worldviews through candid dialogue and authentic relationships.

At Buxton, we base our work off the premise that strong relationships between people of different faiths are the best means through which to develop inter-religious understanding. Thus, our programs and events give participants the opportunity to engage one another around complex and often deeply personal faith and value-based issues. They include:

Fellows Program: Each year recent college graduates from the Muslim,Christian, and Jewish faith traditions join the Buxton Initiative as Fellows for nine months. On a daily basis, they work together on multiple projects and engage in dialogue about all aspects of their faiths, including important differences. As liaisons to their respective faith communities, they collaborate with schools, places of worship, and businesses throughout the region to promote Buxton’s vision.

Forums & Dialogues: Buxton holds a wide array of events that bring together people of differing faiths and worldviews. What distinguishes Buxton’s forums and dialogues from others is the honest and robust nature of the discussion. These events take a variety of shapes. Buxton Luncheons feature high-profile speakers who address pressing topics related to faith. Buxton Roundtable Discussions encourage more intimate conversation among diverse participants. Finally, Buxton regularly convenes senators, ambassadors, CEOs, military officials, and other thought leaders to discuss avenues of reconciliation in a post-9/11 world.

Resources: The Buxton Initiative produces a variety of helpful resources. Buxton Readings feature articles from expert contributors, including Dr. Akbar Ahmed, Dr. Eboo Patel, and Dr. Os Guinness. Moreover, our newly constructed website will provide online forums for inter-religious dialogue. Finally, the website will include videos of all Buxton forums and dialogues, significantly increasing their reach and impact.

1. www.buxtoninitiative.org/

2. www.twitter.com/buxtoninitiativ

3. [email protected]