Many accusations but few facts as Karmapa accused of spying Who is behind the frenzied media attacks on a top Tibetan leader?

Paul Mooney for the South China Morning Post February 9 On January 27, Indian police swooped down on the Gyotu Monastery in Dharamsala, in the foothills of the Himalayas. They confiscated local and foreign banknotes from 25 countries said to total more than…Read More

Why doesn't India have a China strategy?

Business Standard / January 05, 2011, 0:38 IST Zorawar Daulet Singh There has been no dearth of books on China in recent years. Former practitioners, security analysts, economists and journalists have all dared to enter the fad of China watching. Harsh…Read More

The Next Nuclear Arms Race

India and Pakistan are the two countries most likely to engage in nuclear war, or so goes the common wisdom. Yet if recent events are any indication, the world's most vigorous nuclear competition may well erupt between Asia's two giants: India and China.

Where is India and China heading???

India and China had last year clashed over the $60-million flood management project in Arunachal Pradesh, which was funded by the Asian Development Bank. ...

Very Interesting short piece on 2010 Common Wealth Games & AR Rehman

Indian elite people acts are quite debatable and also interest of scrutiny, Forbes latest survey of 100 World Richest People has quite number of Indians and even in the Top 10 has 4 Indians. Most interesting part is I never heard about their contribution…Read More

The dead in the Qinghai earthquake appear to be far more than authorities admit to

Hi Everyone, As you all know that a series of strong earthquakes struck China's western Qinghai province on 13 April and the epicenter of the quake lies in Yushu County (Kyegudo in the traditional Tibetan province of Kham) in the Yushu prefecture. The quake…Read More

Review on Mikel Dunnham's 'Buddha's Warriors'!!!

Dear Fren, Tashi Delek and greetings!!! As you know Tibetan movement has been non violent ever since we lost our country in 1959, but our struggle also had armed resistance way back in 1950's. Few of you might have heard about it from your older folks, i…Read More
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