Vote for Hoop Nights!

Yes, another contest. Most votes gets the most money and its for your favorite cause Hoop Nights. Voting ends on Dec. 11th, so vote and pass along. Thanks Again Al

Great News.....

HoopNights has been chosen as a finalist for their "BackYourBlock" grant contest. Voting ends September 15th, so keep on voting!

Out of 270 Nationwide Applicants, HoopNights ranks....

27th as of keep up the voting, remember you can vote everyday with all your email addresses.

Send me your email address

Better idea, send me your email address and I will re-vote for everyone everyday.

You can re-vote everyday

Hey just found out that you can re-vote everyday. That is how the other guy is running away with the lead. There is no confirmation on the re-vote just go to the same link ( type in your email address, click vote, then refresh and…Read More

Make sure to use all your email accounts

They all count as a vote

Make sure to verify your vote

Make sure to open the email that Nike sends to your account and click on the "click here" in orange
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