increase the profile and fundraising potential of Project Bigwater, a trans-Atlantic rowing expedition that intends to raise money for Row for Hope, an athletic-inspired cancer research organization.

This group is the Facebook home of Paul Ridley’s transatlantic rowing expedition which will begin on December 1st and take 60-80 days. He'll cover 2,950 miles from La Gomera, off the coast of Africa, to Antigua, in the Caribbean. Paul will be the 3rd and youngest American to row solo across any ocean, and the first to do so with the single goal of raising money for a charitable cause.

Row for Hope is a grassroots effort that needs your help. This expedition measures its success solely by the amount of charitable contributions it's able to raise to support research at Yale Cancer Center.

1. Progress is being made in the fight against cancer every day. This is a fact.

2. The research being done at Yale Cancer Center is some of the most advanced in the world, but is limited by an ongoing need for funding.

3. Everyone can help in one way or another. What's yours?