Raise $20,000 to buy a school bus for orphanage in India that houses children affected by war and AIDS.

Covenant Children's Home is an orphanage that houses over 300 kids. It's attached school educates over 600 kids. These children have all been impacted by war and AIDS and have a life of pain and poverty ahead of them but for this orphanage taking them in and providing them with an education that transforms them from slumdogs to self-reliant adults. They need a school bus to help get kids to the school and provide more educational opportunities off site. It is only $20,000, and through the power of numbers we can easily raise it without too much burden on us. Just a few bucks for us and a life-transforming impact for these children!

1. Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire? This orphanage/school helps these kids.

2. 50 children walk hours daily to come to school at Covenant Children's Home.

3. It is monsoon season, making that daily trek treacherous for these children.

4. The school at the orphanage could take field trips for better educational experiences

5. http://bellsouthpwp2.net/s/j/sjpound/covenantcommunity/CovenantHome.htm