coming soon!

Will they or won't they! next month the ILO discuss the issue of domestic work for the first time since 1968!!!! let's make sure that it is discusssed in every meeting do that have to recognise it as WORK!! keep it going...we've got 901 on…Read More

August 27th

Dear all, We now have over 3,500 signed postcards to present to the Ministry of Labour on August 27th. Still would like confirmation from our facebook signees that it is OK to put your name to a postcard. Please comment on announcement or send to my facebook…Read More

Thanks from Domestic workers

Thank you all so much for joining the campaign to recognise domestic work as work! We have one more favour to ask of you. Can we add your names to the postcards to give to the Ministry of Labour on Aug 28th. Please let us know, many thanks!
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