support efforts to rebuild the Amur leopard population, and to raise awareness of the dangers faced by this and other species

"This species was originally distributed throughout the Korean Peninsula, northeastern China, and southeastern Russia... But today, it is extremely close to extinction with only 25 to 34 known individuals remaining in the Sikhote-Alin mountains of southern Russia (only 6 of these are female), while it is estimated that at least 100 are needed if the species is to avoid extinction

"While the Amur Leopard inhabits the same area as the Siberian Tiger, it has received far less attention from the media and from charities. The Amur leopard is the rarest of all the big cats, and is in immediate danger of dying out in the wild. It is suffering from habitat loss and is especially vulnerable to natural disasters, such as fire, because of extensive habitat fragmentation. Amur Leopards prefer to live in forested territory, but most of its remaining territory is surrounded by farms and villages, making poaching easier." - Wikipedia

1. A great human effort is necessary to bring the Amur leopard back from the brink of extinction.

2. The loss of any species is detrimental to its ecosystem, and to the world.