It's getting closer!

Hey everybody! I hope you all are having an awesome week. We are officially 23 days away from the Greensboro Stop Child Trafficking Now walk. Some of you have expressed an interest in participating and we hope you will join us on walk day! It's easy to sign…Read More

10 Reasons You Should Walk to Stop Child Trafficking Now!

Why should you be a part of the Greensboro Stop Child Trafficking Walk? Here are 10 good reasons! 1) There are 27 million slaves around the world right now who need your help. 2) Over 14,000 children are currently enslaved in the United States. 3)Slavery…Read More

Are you free September 26th?

Hey Eveyone! I wanted to thank each of you for joining the Stop Child Trafficking Now Greensboro Cause. We really appreciate your support in helping to get the word out about modern day slavery-specifically to children. We really need your help! We are…Read More
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