YAHUSHA (Authentic SCRIPTURAL Name of our Messiah) must be given FREEDOM to RULE and REIGN by people in authority, across ALL NATIONS. People's minds RENEWED {Rom 12:2} and hearts CHANGED {Ez 36:26}.

Transformation SA, extending into AFRICA is a Non-Political Community Forum initiative, linking leaders in social transformation and moral regeneration across racial and cultural barriers.

VISION To empower people by EDUCATING & MENTORING them across racial and cultural barriers, bringing hope to all people, transforming their communities to a healthy, safe, sustainable and peaceful society for all.

MISSION Enable change in people’s hearts by accepting and loving one another, caring for one another, assisting one another to reach their full God-given potential, enabling people to successfully overcome all the moral, social and life issues that confront them and their families on a daily basis.

VALUES Our Values are based on sound moral values, including: PRAYER: Prayer towards a caring, safe, peaceful, sustainable and healthy society for all members of the family FAITH: Trusting our heavenly FATHER with every challenge in our communities TRUTH/INTEGRITY: Be honest in all our dealings, without resorting to any form of bribery or corruption, setting an example for our younger generation to follow RESPECT: Treat other people the same way that we want to be treated RESPONSIBILITY: Being accountable in taking responsibility for our own lives RESTORATION: Working towards the restoration of all relationships RECONCILIATION: Reconciliation of cultural, spiritual and political differences TRANSPARENCY: Sharing our lives in genuine and supportive relationships GRACE: Cultivating a community that reflects true forgiveness UNITY: Promoting an atmosphere of teamwork among people in our communities, across racial, cultural and religious boundaries SERVANTHOOD: Representing a humble and serving heart through acts of service in the broader community STEWARDSHIP: Utilizing the resources that we have with wisdom, in a spirit of excellence