Give Catalonia independence from the opresing Spanish State

We are a Nation without State. Our Nation Catalonia is Kidnapped by The Spanish State.
We have our own language,culture and traditions.
Our flag was the first flag in Europe,and our parliament too,before we lost all our rights as a Nation.
The Generalitat of Catalonia descends from the medieval institution which ruled the Principality of Catalonia, within the Crown of Aragon, in the name of the King of Aragon (in a constitutional system some say is the first in Europe (14th century)

The first Catalan constitution is that of the Corts of Barcelona from 1283. The last was promulgated by the Corts of 1702. The compilations of the constitutions and other rights of Catalonia followed the Roman tradition of the Code.Catalonian institutions which depended on the Generalitat were abolished in what is currently known as Northern Catalonia, one year after the signature of the Treaty of the Pyrenees. Some years later, after the Decretos de Nueva Planta, they were completely abolished in the rest of the territory.
The War of the Spanish Succession (1705–1714) resulted in the revocation of Catalonia's traditional autonomy and privileges. Afterwards, Spain attempted to crush the Catalans' sense of identity as a nation. The Catalan language was repressed in varying degrees for the next two and a half centuries.
In the last decades of the 17th century, despite the persistence of intermittent violent conflict with France, the Catalan economy began to recover, not only in Barcelona, but also along the Catalan coast and even in some inland areas. However, at the end of the century, after the death of the childless Charles II (1700), the crown of Spain went to Philip V of the House of Bourbon. The Grand Alliance of England, the United Provinces (the antecedent of the Netherlands) and Austria gave military support to a rival claimant to the crown, Archduke Charles. Catalonia initially accepted Philip V, but this did not last. In 1705 the Archduke entered Barcelona, which recognized him as king in 1706.

The resulting war (1705–1714) may have benefitted Charles's foreign allies, but was a disaster for the Catalan and Aragonese lands. By 1710 politico-administrative structures of Valencia and Aragon were destroyed and their privileges abolished. The later course of the war and the Treaty of Utrecht (1713–1714) ended the possibility of Barcelona's resistance. After the fall of Barcelona (September 11, 1714), the triumphant forces systematically dismantled the Catalan institutions, in a process that culminated in the Nueva Planta decree (1716), which abolished the Catalan constitutions, established a new territorial and administrative structure, suppressed the Catalan universities and abolished the administrative use of the Catalan language; half a century later, the Catalan language would also be banned from primary and secondary schools.
The Generalitat of Catalonia was restored in Spanish Catalonia in 1932, during the Second Spanish Republic with Francesc Macià as president. President Macià died in 1933, and the next president was Lluís Companys. After the Spanish right wing won the elections in 1934, the Generalitat of Catalonia rebelled against the Spanish authorities, and was suspended from 1934 to 1936.

1. Be a free Nation once again

2. Keep our language and culture