Closing of [email protected]

Dear members, I am writing to announce the closing of VillageDirect.Org web hosting services: As you know this was one of the means by which I had anticipated funding the mission of VillageDirect.Org. If you had an…Read More

Participate in the Summer Davos in China

Dear members, I received an invitation to participate virtually in the World Economic Forum's Summer Davos in China this September. The theme of the meeting is "Driving Growth through Sustainability". I would like your involvement in the development of a 2…Read More

A Global Partnership for Development

Trade has and continues to be the basis on which communities, modern states and their relations are based: Just added a new posting on Millennium Development Goal and the purpose for…Read More

Aid Transparency LinkedIn Group/ Facebook Cause

Greetings, I hope this bulleting arrives under the best of circumstances for you, and that you are doing well. Here is a recent post from Aid Transparency, a cause here on Facebook managed by my Friend Claudia Schwegmann. She also operates the website Open…Read More

Launch & Panel Discussions of: "African Economic Outlook 2010

Launch and panel discussions "African Economic Outlook 2010; Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid " Regional specialists from the United Nations, OECD Development Centre, the African Development Bank and Academia will provide an up-to-date picture of the…Read More

Believe in yourself. Trust in one another.

"Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind." The Matrix "All ran to meet their chains thinking they secured their freedom... Such was the origin of society and laws,…Read More

Fun and Exciting USSF Updates (early registration ends at midnight)

19 more days till the Opening March of the 2nd US Social Forum. At midnight on Thursday, June 3 registration rates will go up for both organizations and individuals. Call, Facebook, Twitter, email your folks to not miss the biggest cross-movement convergence…Read More
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