Members are united to meet common economic, social and cultural objectives involving the Millennium Development Goals and the Geneva Declaration of Principles and Plan of Action.

VillageDirect.Org is a multi-discliplanery approach to solving three of the most common problems faced by project developers and civil society organizations involved in community development: access to cash or capital, access to social capital, and the capacity to successfully develop and scale-up sustainable projects and programs.

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact and a supporter of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment, VillageDirect.Org members are assured access to examples of good prictaces from a global network of peers.

Our multi-discliplanary approach is being implemented in stages. Our priority right now is building the membership base of VillageDirect.Org to sustain our ability to deliver on the services envisioned as part of the VillageDirect.Org strategy.

Our approach to building this membership base involves partnering with reputable and qualified professionals, civil society organizations, educational institutations, and business to develop the Community Journals, Civil Society, and Industries sections at VillageDirect.Org.

Civil society organization will find partnering with VillageDirect.Org an inexpensive and less resource intensive means of building a constituency willing to join in their cause.

Even in the best of times, civil society organizations must endure the daunting task of competing against thousands of other worthwhile charitable endevours for the limited funds available from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

The current global recession has made finding donors even more difficult. Organizations are eliminating staff and programs because of the steep drop in funding and the loss of major donors being experienced.

Charitable donations to foreign projects have also suffered as a result of the global recession. Considering limitations placed on government funding of international development and the fact that it is often politically unpopular to use local tax dollars for international purpose; what little funding was available has also decreased because of the drop in tax revenues.

Villagedirect.Org provides a turnkey solution for the public to become actively involved in the mission of civil society organizations; an engagement that may last a lifetime.

With VillageDirect.Org community tools, web-based business applications, investment promotion tools, financing vehicles, and revenue sharing program; members are empowered to connect and collaborate for improved results based on a "win-win" philosophy.

Business applications allow members to share experiences, knowledge and dialogue; identifying and developing solutions involving poverty reduction, health, education, and community development that are too difficult to overcome alone.

Collaborations and partnerships that create sustainable enterprise, employment, and contribute to economic growth that generate taxation revenues will be encouraged and supported through the foundation and venture capital funds.

Central to the VillageDirect.Org partnership is the opportunity for our partners to generate much needed income for their projects, programs.

VillageDirect.Org partners can earn up to 80% of all revenues from membership fee, advertising, and services offered by VillageDirect.org and its business partners they are responsible for generating.

Additionally, they earn marketing and training fees on revenues generated by partners they introduce to VillageDirect.Org.

Learn more about partnering with VillageDirect.Org: http://www.villagedirect.org/_work_with_us.html