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Hello folks. I'd first and foremost like to say WOW! 4,616 members in this group at the time of my sending you this message. It's wonderful to see such support. This will be an annual benefit and information will be delivered to you when the next benefit will…Read More

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Hey everyone, thanks for joining this cause. The purpose of this cause is to get exposure for the upcoming benefit. I'm asking that everyone who joined this cause do just 1 more thing (aside from of course attending the benefit). Just click the share button…Read More

Contact info for non-alcoholic beverage donations

For the request in the email I just sent out about soda donations for the benefit for Trooper Joshua Miller, if you choose to email back about that please email me at [email protected] Thanks again, and sorry for the double email.

Benefit for Trooper Joshua Miller - Help needed, please read.

WE NEED HELP!! Pepsi and Coke have blown us off. We now have 4 days to track down about 5ooo-7000 cans or bottles of soda, we have 2010 bottles of water but that isn't nearly enough. We have bought the water ourselves because nobody in the beverage industry…Read More

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