Ban Smoking on Public Greenways in Charlotte, NC

Unwanted second-hand smoke is a significant problem for adults and children in public greenways in Charlotte, NC. A local grassroots leader is putting pressure on City Hall to protect residents who are in the midst of a cardiovascular workout from…Read More

In your community, what is the biggest challenge to healthy eating?

Petition: Ban Fracking Now

Have you heard of hydraulic fracturing a.k.a fracking? Fracking is the practice of extracting natural gases from the earth. The problem with fracking is that it releases harmful methane gases into the atmosphere and has been linked to water contamination that…Read More

Fundraising for a Very Sick Girl

We are trying to raise money to send a very sick girl and her family on a holiday of their dreams. Molly Baker-Hunt is 8 years old, in January this year she was diagnosed with Cancer of the Kidney, futher tests showed the cancer had spread to surrounding…Read More


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