The PXP debacle continues. Now CA Republicans Want New Drilling $$ for Fire Programs

As many of you know, the PXP proposal will be the 1st new offshore oil drilling in CA state waters in over 40 years. It will set a dangerous precedent and encourage the federal government to grant new offshore oil leases in California. Republicans are trying…Read More

Here's a humorous take on the EDC/PXP oil drilling deal   Pedro Nava Cause Creator

Hanna Beth Jackson Now Part of Pro-PXP Team For New Offshore Oil Drilling

Here is the link to the story in the Ventura County Star discussing the PXP offshore oil drilling deal and how Hanna Beth Jackson is working to bring new offshore oil drilling to the Santa Barbara…Read More

Planning and Conservation League Honor Nava for PXP Fight

Thanks to the Planning and Conservation League (PCL) for the award (2009 Legislator of The Year) I received today. PCL recognized me for organizing my Assembly colleagues and environmental groups to oppose the PXP offshore oil drilling deal last year. We…Read More

The EDC/PXP is coming back again-this time the Governor has tied it to State Parks Funding

Here is a link to my Assembly website. You can see some of the floor fight where we defeated it-but it's back. I will need your help again. Please invite your friends to join the cause. Thank You

Environmental Lawyer Gary A. Patton says EDC/PXP agreement-A Bad Deal !

The validity of the payment aside (and in all fairness, environmental groups which negotiate "deals" with developers of various kinds do often get paid for their staff and other contributions) this "deal" is simply a BAD deal! Shame on any environmental…Read More

Another great story on the EDC/PXP debacle

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