Back to Basics: Knowing Jesus

During August, I’m writing about the basics of our faith, and this week, I want to focus on the most important aspect of our foundation, the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus Christ. Every believer needs to be able to answer two critical questions: Who is Jesus? What…Read More

The Potter isn't through with you yet! - Comning soon Online Bible Study - WEEKLY!

He took that cracked, beat up, dried up piece of clay and made it into something beautiful. People won't recognize you. People won't believe its you. Let someone else know what he's done for you. Read this story below and share your comments. Be…Read More

Its almost time! Read bulletin below and study Deuteronomy 28 1-12

Hello Family I have missed you all tremendously! Well, it looks like we made it to our 3000 member goal. We are almost ready to continue with Gods work. As you all know, we must work in Gods timing and His order. Keep praying, keep studying and keep standing…Read More

Don't Quit!

Listen! This is not the time to quit! Has the enemies voice become louder in your life? Has it been harder to worship like before? Has it been harder to praise than before? You are so close! This is not the time to rest and coast into the New Year! If you…Read More

Don't Quit - This is the final stretch!

    Kimberly Langston Cause Creator


Hello family, I need your help. God has great things in store for this bible study. Starting Jan 2010, the Bible Study is returning to live study mode! Yes, we will be meeting weekly online! Bible Study, Bible Trivia, Video chat, Video Sermons and so much…Read More

BREAKTHROUGH has come!- Its time to share those testimonies from the Fast

Well family we made it. How did you do? Have you noticed an increase in your life, in your prayer life, or in your bible study time? Breakthough has come and we want you to share those testimonies. I also want to share something with you, some encouragement…Read More
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