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Meeting with Mary Hanafin today

Hi All,

A delegation of the PACUB ladies had a meeting with Mary Hanafin today, PACUB feel that Child benefit will be cut, we don't know by how much but Minister Hanafin was showing no signs of backing down. Now more than ever this campaign is in your hands, we feel as the PACUB committee that we have done all that we can, to raise this issue, to put it forefront in the media, to raise the issue with ministers and TDs, if you are behind this campaign we need action from you. We need to know what you are going to do when these cuts are announced on December the 9th. We need your feedback, we need to know that the pressure is there, we need to know we have your support. This first cut will be a starting point like it was with the ECS, one cut then abolished.

The pensioners knocked on the doors of their TDs last year, They were there in person. It worked for the pensioner. Your TD will be in their local office this Friday. Show your support by going to see them in person, show that the parents of Ireland will not be messed with.
Let us know what happens with your meetings. We need your feedback on your actions.

Regards and Thanks
Carol on behalf of the PACUB Committee

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