Back to Save Child Benefit Ireland!

Social Welfare bill to be pushed through today

The government push through the social welfare bill through today so FF backbenchers, Ind and Greens can shrug their shoulders at parents, families, widows and children affected by these cuts this weekend and say "I can't do anything it is now law." Shame on them all.

Funny that the majority of men run this country and their priorities are investing in trees, dogs, horses, booze and car dealerships. So we encourage gambling and drinking while child poverty rates remain the highest in Europe. The message is that the kids can sink.

Child poverty will never be tackled in this country because local TDs are getting brown paper bags for local issues - this will be the ruination of Ireland. One has swung a deal for his vote in return for a hospital in Kenmare!

Good luck to Kenmare but a TD is there to voice his opinion and to give his better judgement for the good of the Irish people not for the benefit of the local backyard.

I am beyond sickened - this country is not yet 80 years old, it has alot of learning to do but already it has forgotten its people and standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

I am ashamed to be Irish at this very moment.

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