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Help us give a "hamper hug" this Christmas (deadline Dec 11th)

There are far too many heart-breaking stories of families struggling to make ends meet. We asked you how a cut in child benefit would affect you and you told us, in no uncertain terms how this was a lifeline. We handed these stories into Mary Hanafin yesterday. Even if the politicans won't listen we want to let you know that we are listening, we care and we want to help.

One mother wrote to tell us she broke down crying at the kitchen table as she couldn't afford ice cream for her children, another mother told me her neighbour couldn't afford chicken in the supermarket, another had to make a decision between coats and shoes for her children this winter.

These are just some of the stories we have heard - but unfortunately there are many more needy families out there and they deserve a bumper christmas present.

PACUB has joined forces with Little Dale Academy creche in Stillorgan and are looking for your help in identifying families in need. We will create hampers containing baby/children clothes, non-perishable food and unused toys.

You can help us two ways:

1. Nominate a family who you think deserves a "hamper hug" this christmas. Let us know how many children in the family, their ages, their address and a short paragraph on why they deserve to be sent a hamper. Please send your email to [email protected] before December 11th (so we can send it in time for Christmas)

2. If you have a surplus of baby or children's clothes that you got as presents and are taking up space in your house, please send them along with any new toys or books you may have to Little Dale Academy, 19-21 Dale Road, Stillorgan, Dublin. Again please try and send these in the next week before December 11th.

Let's give as many hugs as we can this christmas :-)


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