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Please contact your TDs - Protest outside Dail 6pm Wed 2nd Dec as they debate cuts to child benefit

Dear Save Chlid Benefit Ireland/ PACUB members

This week we have held a press conference with several family, parenting and children's rights groups calling on the government to leave child benefit alone. We received great coverage in the media.

In fact child benefit is now a 'hot potatoe' as the budget approaches -- right now it is days away from facing a very heavy axe.

Next week in the Dail, the Labour party will carry a motion in the private members time (Tuesday evening 7.00 - 8.30pm and Wednesday evening 7.00 - 8.30pm) asking all the members of the Dail to vote against the government's plans to cut child benefit.

The Labour party has said it will be the last chance before the budget (December 9th) for all TDs to show where they stand on the issue. But as you know the government has the majority of votes so we need to mobilise sympathetic TDs - in particular we need to focus on FF and Independent TDs in your local area. To make it less awkward - they can abstain from voting.You have the vote, you have the power - they answerable to you. So ultimately the pressure you put on your local TDs has the power to change government plans to cut child benefit.

It is now your last chance to explain to your local TDs that you need their support, you can be concrete with your demands - they need to vote in support of the Labour motion copied below - you need to ask them to vote for keeping child benefit at current levels. Remember all voting on public motions is public - you will be able to see if your local representative answered your emails, letters and campaigning on this. His or her vote will be in the public domain shortly afterwards.
• So in anticipation of this dail debate - we ask you to send an email, call them or if you meet them in your local area - put the pressure on them, tell them you will know what they voted as all votes are public.
• Here is a link to a database of emails for TDs:
• Secondly they are looking for parents or supporters in the Dublin area to stand outside the Dail next Wednesday at 6pm (with children if that is the only way you can make it) to show the government how this will affect you.

Within a few days our group's efforts to change plans to cut child benefit will be known, it is now within your hands to make a difference.

Please help,

Treasa on behalf of PACUB

PS Pleasee RSVP if you attend details here -

Please note below the motion that Labour is putting forward next Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

The Labour Party are saying that there are other alternatives open to the Government at this time. In particular they are saying that instead of having three bands of child benefit, why not have three bands of taxation with the new band applying to individual incomes above €100,000. This would raise roughly the same amount of money, €355 M, that will be saved by cutting back on Child Benefit. It is a much fairer way of raising revenue because you are not targeting low and middle income earners and not targeting children and families.


That Dáil Eireann:

1) the ongoing high cost of raising children in Ireland today and the significant cuts that have already been made to family income;

2) that the Early Childcare Supplement will be abolished from January;

3) the continuing very high cost of childcare;

4) that every child deserves to be cherished and recognised by the State, regardless of the circumstances of its parents;

5) that there is now no recognition of children in the tax system;

6) that the universal nature of the current system of child benefit does not disincentivise work or add to poverty traps;

7) that a banded approach to child benefit would create several serious anomalies, discriminate against certain children and parents, create new poverty traps, and, in some circumstances, discourage participation in the workforce;

believes that cutting child benefit would be far more deflationary than...

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