Stop the Government withdrawing child benefit payments

The protest has been set up in response to the latest round of Irish budget cuts (April 2009) which sees the removal of the childcare education supplement from 2010 and the means-testing or taxing of child benefit from next year. We also feel that moms and dads with young children have been unfairly targeted, that we bear the brunt of the mis-management of public finances.

We are calling for your support - to lend your name to this protest by signing onto our petition - http://www.petitiononline.com/protest4/petition.html.

Your signature represents an online petition. We also urge you to go to www.childbenefit.info to download a paper petition and help us get the word out. There are also letters there to send to your local TD.

So whether you are a parent, grandparent or concerned citizen please join the facebook group to show your opposition.

We represent all families, single income, double income, on the poverty line, unemployed, single parents...

P.S. We are a voluntary group behind this effort - you could count the people who started this on one hand. Mostly angry mommies, some working, some not. We have no political affiliations - we just seek fair treatment.

1. Alert your local TDs to take a stand against the cuts

2. Join Facebook group: PACUB - stay tuned for updates

3. Petition to close mid Oct. www.childbenefit.info