Things are looking good!

Just a quick update to tell you that Mike Carroll was successful today in amending the bill to exclude home addresses of public school employees. The bill will most likely pass through a House vote, but he mentioned it might be difficult to get through the…Read More

Another update from Mike Carroll!!

Hello again! Looks like all the emails/letters/calls have been working! Here is a copy of the email I recieved this morning: "On Wednesday, July 29th, the State Government Committee is running a bill that amends the Open Records Law. I serve on this…Read More

Update from Mike Carroll - PA House of Representatives

Hi Everyone, I received an email response from Mike Carroll informing me that he is working with other Legislators in Harrisburg to prevent addresses from being released to the public and amend the Right to Know Law. He explained that "the law was an effort…Read More

Better yet...

Why don't we request the home addresses of our Legislators? (Thanks, Joe!) I believe we need to fill out the forms available here: and here: and then just send them in. Once received, they…Read More

Emailing Legislators

Please take the time to contact (email/call/mail) your Legislators at their offices. Here is a link to find out who they are & how to contact them: I have written this simple email; feel free to use it or write your own…Read More

Invite Others!

Please take the time to invite anyone who may be affected by RTKL, including employees at public schools, intermediate units, trade or vocational schools, public higher education institutions. Thank you! "I'm tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn't…Read More

Emailing Legislators

Hi All, I emailed Governor Ed Rendell and he responded with the following: "The Governor understands your apprehension surrounding this legislation and suggests that you contact your legislative representative, as they are responsible for the amendments of…Read More
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