Recreation, Industrial, Medicinal - Let's Free A Plant

***Recreationally*** The Cannabis Plant Heals, Eases, and Nourishes the Mind, Body, and Spirit w/ Peace and Positive Energy.

***Industrial****Most Everything currently being used for Industry, ( Fuel, Fibers, Fabrics, Papers, Paints, Compressed Boarding, Steel, Concrete, Foods, and even Plastics )- Can all be made from Hemp. This will Greatly Improve our Earth and Stop the Corporate Industry from Taking The Earth's Fossil Fuels and Non-renewable Resources.

***Medicinally*** The Cannabis Plant Treats, Heals, and/or Cures infected-mutated cells which is exactly what creates and houses cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, and hundreds of other deadly illnesses/viruses.


1. Responsible Adults that Smoke Cannabis are simply Not Criminals." -NORML

2. "The Notion that we as a government, lock up our citizens for simply smoking marijuana is silly." -Barney Frank

3. "It's time for the Government to catch up w/ the Public on this Issue." -Barney Frank

4. "Cannabis-Hemp might not SAVE the World, but it's the Only Thing That Can." -Jack Herer

5. Between the Phenomenal Industrial, Medicinal, and Personal Benefits, Cannabis/Hemp is without question, the Most Beneficial Plant in Nature." -PTL