"Kimmel for Kids" is an international charitable organisation supporting children living in poverty or needing help ! Thank you for your kind interest !

"Kimmel for Kids" is an international charitable organization supporting children living in poverty or needing help.

The foundation was founded by Mr. Peter Kimmel and Mrs. Nataly Kimmel his wife.
Mr. Kimmel himself managed to work his way up from a difficult and challenging situation to great success in business. His career inspired Peter Kimmel as an author of several books to share his experience and offer advice to help others to enhance their success in life and business. He strongly believes that with educational support and good health we can successfully fight the poverty of the third world. Initially all the revenue of the sales of his books went to the UNESCO Children Program.

Mrs. Kimmel, an artist and co founder of Kimmel for Kids is active on behalf of charity since many years. She is involved in the organization of the projects and actively assists in fund raising. Her experience relates to many charity projects with several other foundations in the past.

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel created the organization "Kimmel for Kids" in order to raise funds for supporting children in need. For different project Kimmel for Kids also works in partnership with other charitable organizations to enhance the success of their work. One of the latest fund raising activities is in connection with the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix ,where the Kimmel family is hosting every year a charity party on one of the best places for watching the race – the Monaco Charity Terrace.

Kimmel for Kids will offer opportunities to our online visitors to take part in our initiatives through active support and donations. We need your assistance, only together we can make a difference - to provide a better life for children in need or suffering in this world!
Pulling the strings for progress!
In a variety of projects “Kimmel for Kids” has taken care of children, living in poverty or in need of urgent health-/heart-care. Kimmel for Kids also supports educational and motivational projects. More information about the different projects can be viewed on this website. Progress and new projects will equally be announced and published on the site.

The most precious gift we can give these children is to give them back the belief that THEY can make a difference. It is the goal of “Kimmel for Kids” to enable them to master their lives and create new opportunities for themselves.

We are convinced that a healthy state and adequate education is the key to a promising future for these children. We strive for more support from the public and private donors to enhance our chances in pulling the strings for progress, helping as many children in need as possible!

Some of our Projects:

Brazil"Children’s home in Recife" (Brazil)
During the last years ”KIMMEL FOR KIDS” together with “SSI FOR CHILDREN” have built several villages and schools in Recife (Brazil). We have given the children a home and hope for the future.

Milano"A Handful of Life" (Italy)
Incubators on the children’s ward of the Macedonio Melloni hospital in Milan (Italy)
The maternity ward of the Macedonio Melloni hospital has now acquired an incubator for the daily assistance of saving newborn lifes

Poland"Let there be light" (Poland)
Institute for the Blind in Laski
Together with the UNESCO and the SSI, “KIMMEL FOR KIDS” helped to finance a new building for the home of the blind children.

Thailand"School Project" (Thailand)
in cooperation with the "DON BOSCO" charity.

At the moment "Kimmel for Kids" supports 18 projects all over the world which care for or help children, who live in poverty or under degrading conditions.

Thank you for your kind interest.If you feel the urge to help in this heart matter, you can start immediately:

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Thank you from the bottom of our heart
The Kimmel for Kids Foundation