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Function of Congress???

My letter to Senator Vitter, who is asking for money on behalf of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund. It is going back in their postage paid envelope. cindy

Dear Senator Vitter,

Have all you elected officials taken leave of your senses?

Do you think constituents have nothing to do but dole out their finite resources to every carpetbagging elected official who has their hand out for one cause or another? We are busy trying to make both ends meet, putting money aside to make our mortgage payments when the economy completely collapses, as I predict it eventually will. We are saving money for groceries and medical bills, and medicines, and car and appliance repairs.

I am in concurrence with what the National Right to Work group stands for. I hold unions responsible for the car companies failing. I am sick to death of seeing union thugs standing around at town hall meetings and in front of polling places, in an attempt to intimidate decent, law-abiding citizens.
But you are missing something very important. Barack Obama is a marxist.

He does not give a damn what I think, what you think, what the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation thinks. If it fits in with his agenda (and it does), to use union thugs, he will give millions of our tax dollars to the unions, he will sign legislation to strengthen unions, and we cannot do anything except turn Congress over to people who will abide by the Constitution, and turn Obama out into the street the next time he runs.

I do not have any money to give you. I resent the constant request for money by various elected officials. If I were you, I’d worry more about doing the job for your constituents you were elected to do. You, and every one in Congress, took an oath to uphold the Constitution- and I don’t see you doing your jobs. Start dismantling all the things Obama is doing which are unconstitutional: Health care is not a constitutional function of federal government. Executive branch czars are not provided for in the constitution. Cap and trade is unconstitutional on its face.

Global warming studies and treaties are not a constitutional function of federal government. Supporting the military IS a constitutional function of federal government. You have a lot of work to do; you say I can count on you? Well, let’s start hearing about some of the above. Your job is not to send letters on behalf of various lobbying groups, trying to make us part with our money.

Cindy Kucharski
Ft. Myers, Fl

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