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How to get the job done in 2010 (Firing Congress)

1. Please invite your friends to the cause so they help you and they get more info.
2. Visit our parent site at and sign up for the FREE newsletter.
3. Register to vote in the party of your incumbent for the primary. You need to do this ASAP in some states.
4. Vote in the primary of the incumbent's party.
5. Vote AGAINST the incumbent for the closest challenger.

This is the easiest way to fire the incumbent because very few people vote in the primary of an off presidential election year. It will also allow you Republicans to simply fire the incumbent without voting for a democrat and it will allow you Democrats to fire without voting for a Republican.

Now for you is just fun, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great to see Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, the 8 Cap N Traitors on the unemployment line?

Some Congressmen have already said they will not run again, so they are already fired!

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