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Psychic FRAUD

CLICK THE LINK BELOW Beware of psychic fraud! "Donations" for clearing "demonic" spirits from homes. Bogus exorcisms and rituals. It happens folks and there are teams all…Read More

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Scam or Parody?

REPOST: By: Jamie M. Yet another scam? I honestly thought it was a parody site, but I'm thinking now they're for real.

Slyvia Browne at it again... while scaring children. She has been committing fraud for many years now. As she ages she's trying to make more money. Outside of being creepy to look at and listen too she still has many people supporting her…Read More

More FRAUD and SCAMS Seriously... people are trying ANYTHING to make a buck and exploit people emotions. This must STOP. Please share with everyone and do not endorse these buffoons!
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