Keep Heritage Keepers in Charleston County Schools

*****SIGN OUR PETITION--to be submitted by Maisha Rounds, Charleston County Teacher of the Year, at the June 28 meeting***** Heritage Community Services has been providing…Read More

Abstinence Programs are Effective!

Many radical organizations have attempted to convince the general public that abstinence education programs are ineffective. However, there is plenty of evidence that abstinence eduction programs are effective in delaying sexual initiation...exactly what…Read More

Have you registered for the luncheon on Monday in Columbia?

Today is the last day to register for the free luncheon that will take place on Monday, March 22 at the Clarion Hotel in downtown Columbia. The luncheon will be from noon until 3 and will feature 2 excellent speakers: Valerie Huber of the National Abstinence…Read More

Do you REALLY know what teens are learning in sex education?

The media constantly pushes an ideology that comprehensive sex education is best for teens. When you hear something often enough, it makes you think that it must be true. But, have you ever really looked at the comprehensive sex education curriculum to see…Read More

Free lunch & learn with 2 amazing speakers!

You're Teaching My Child What? A complimentary luncheon briefing for friends of Heritage Community Services We've all heard the horror stories of kids who hear values taught in school that are very are different from those their parents are teaching at home.…Read More

Heritage Keepers has served more than 150,000 in SC!

check out the updated Fact Sheet and ask your friends to join the cause:
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