Every year i get to be on graduation or be a part of it. This year i was on two graduations. One is in orphanage #51. One of my girls that I have been mentoring for several years finally graduating, her name is Zina. And many of you know here already cause…Read More

Many years ago Sherry, my dear friend and Spiritual mom, and I started to go to an orphanage were kids are very sick -Cerebral Paralysis, Down Syndrome, lung diseases-and many are invalids.

In this orphanage there are 95 kids, 45 of them spend most of their life in bed. Each kid needs to use at least 3 diapers a day, - that is 135 diapers a month for one child – 4,050 diapers a month for all of them. One dipper costs 60 cents. This is their…Read More
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