INTHECAGE4 CANCER is the vision of Chico Santiago.
Chico Santiago has been a members of our nations US Navy for 21 years and a veteran of several tours in the middle east.
He also jumps in the Cage as an MMA fighter.

On July of 2004 Chico got the terrible news his 4year old son, Diego Santiago
had a condition called Wilms tumor.Wilms' tumor is a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects
children. Also known as nephroblastoma, it's the most
common malignant tumor of the kidneys in children.
The peak time of Wilms' tumor occurrence
is at age 3, and it occurs only rarely after age 8.
Wilms' tumor may arise in either or both kidneys. The
condition is named for the 19th-century German
surgeon who recognized that the cancer develops from
immature kidney cells.

Initially the family was told that with mild chemo and radiation treatments Diego would be OK
by November of 2004 the treatments were not working, and the family was told Diego only
had 6 months to live. The family was devastated and that's when the real fight began. They tried hard, to find Diego
some experimental treatment available but nothing seem to work. After 7 hospitals, 22 doctors, 956,000, dollars in medical bills and many many chemo and radiation treatment, nothing could stop Diego's cancer. they then concentrated
their efforts on giving diego his last wishes.

His wish was to be a Navy chief petty officer, like his father. The US Navy, with permission from congress ,allowed Diego Santiago
to be in the history books as the youngest chief in the Navy .His ceremony was a large event.
his dream had come true. On august 2nd 2006, five days after his 6th birthday. Diego Enrique Santiago passed away at home in his parents arms.

After a long 3 years of missing his son and a long deployment to Iraq. Chico decided to do something about this illness
that took his son.

Mixed Martial arts fighter and former Ruckus in the Cage Heavy Weight Champion. He gathered up all his cage fighter friends and made a commitment to bring attention to children's cancer and somehow fight cancer from the cage, one fight at a time! His plan is to take every opportunity to bring much needed attention to this terrible disease thru fighting. Planting seeds of awareness in every crowd who goes to see them fight. They also want to visit these children in hospitals and bring smiles to their faces and somehow provide families in need, donations to cover food, hotel expenses and other necessities families may need while caring for their sick child away from home. Chico hopes to gather up enough members to our website to attract sponsors and RAISE MONEY for the cause.
This mission is still in its infant stages they have manage to visit kid's in 6 major hospitals, volunteer in several community projects and raised money to help about 6 families in the Eastern NC area. Come fight with us...

1. DONATIONS http://inthecage4cancer.bbnow.org/donate.php