Getting these children off the street and giving them and education while getting them involved in activities such as planting trees and learning about agriculture

The future of Haiti is hanging by a thread: children as young as 7 are being sold into prostitution and are dying from the abuse that they endure at the hands of their exploiters. The cause of this is because they are being abandoned by their parents who are unfortunately unable to care for them. These parents cannot care for their children because there simply is no good land left to grow crops because of erosion. The objective is to take these children off the street and provide them with the care that all children deserve. One of the main activities I would love to do with these children would be to take them to the countryside on the weekends and get them involved with a reforestation program, each child being responsible for planting a minimum of 2 trees every weekend, thus killing 2 birds with one stone. This will benefit them in that they will become aware of the problems in their country and will get a much needed sense of pride from knowing that they are contributing to part of the solution.

1. Stopping child prostitution in Haiti

2. Reforestation

3. Education

4. Personal development through direct involvement