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World AIDS Day 2010 Evaluation and free USB discs

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who participated in World AIDS Day 2010!

The Light for Rights Campaign was taken up by over 100 communities and cities around the world on December 1st marking a great success for international human rights advocacy.

Looking ahead, we want to make this cause on facebook as big and effective as possible. So we're offering a free World AIDS Campaign USB disc and tee shirt to the three members who bring the most friends to the cause between now and February 10th 2011.

Also, please find a link to the World AIDS Day 2010 evaluation survey below. We would greatly appreciate any feedback as to how we can improve our messaging for future World AIDS Day themes and events. The survey should only take a few moments of your time and all feedback is very much appreciated.

With best wishes,

The World AIDS Campaign Team

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