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World AIDS Day 2010

Dear Friends,

World AIDS Day is just one week away. It's not too late to get involved!

Across the globe this World AIDS Day, from Sydney to Sao Paolo, Brussles to Beijing you can expect to see a special glow as Light for Rights events create stunning visual effects to highlight HIV and AIDS issues. From a red lit Table Mountain in Cape Town to numerous concerts across North America and hundreds of candle light events in India we are coming together to underscore the importance of human rights in the context of health. We want to amplify the message that reduced access to essential HIV information, prevention, treatment, and services is occurring in many countries as a result of laws and policies that are inconsistent with previous commitments to human rights. We know that when human rights are promoted to protect people living with HIV and members of other vulnerable groups, there are fewer infections, less demand for antiretroviral treatment and fewer deaths.

Adding a Light for Rights component to your event is easy. Join the global campaign! Visit, or

World AIDS Day International Events Calendar is already over brimming with event postings taking place on every continent – tell us about your event!

Building on the 2009-10 theme of ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’ we have created a unique tool for organisations and individuals to make their own World AIDS Day posters. Visitors to the World AIDS Campaign website can use their own images and text to create a poster just like the 2009-2010 ‘I am…’ posters using a simple JPEG generator.

Here’s the link

The ‘I am…’ poster series is once again available in more than a dozen languages for download from our website. The posters are available here

With best wishes from everyone at the World AIDS Campaign

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