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Light for Rights - World AIDS Day 2010

World AIDS Day 2010 – Light for Rights

Campaigners from around the world will be coming together on World AIDS Day, 1 December, to commemorate the theme of universal access and human rights.

Mark World AIDS Day 2010 by keeping the light on HIV and human rights -- join the Light For Rights campaign. The Light For Rights campaign strives to underscore this year’s focus on HIV and human rights by encouraging people in cities around the world to dim the lights on key landmarks to remember the devastating affect AIDS has had on us all, and to turn back on the lights to illuminate the fundamental rights we all share.

Download the Light for Rights toolkit to learn how you can host an event in solidarity with campaigners in cities across the globe.


Other resources on to help you prepare for World AIDS Day 2010

• Posters to download: This year we will again be offering the “I am living my rights” posters and postcards to download in over 10 languages.
• World AIDS Day International Events Calendar: Join the hundreds of campaigners from around the world each year that post their World AIDS Campaign events on our International Calendar!
• And much more! Please continue to check back for updates and visit our World AIDS Day section for more information.

Join us! Be a part of the international count down to World AIDS Day 2010. To keep up with the latest news and actions, you can sign up for our e-action alerts or friend us on Facebook

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