To prevent government involvement in the US healthcare system. The system may be broken, but government control is NOT the way to fix it. Let's find a better way to improve healthcare for all.

Let's stop government run healthcare in the US. Our current system may not be perfect, but it doesn't mean we should rush into a plan that makes our current situation worse. Let's learn from other countries UHC plans and make a better plan based on the lessons we learn from them. The stories of government deciding that someone is too old to receive care. People dying waiting to receive treatment that could have been taken care of with a simple procedure months ago. Rising taxes, which hurts the economy and drives up prices of all good and services. Long lines and waiting times for decisions, as they're run through the government bureaucracy.

There's got to be a better way. Let's make a plan that works - STOP Government-run Universal Healthcare.

Contact your Representatives and tell them to vote NO, do not let them pass this bill!




1. Government run healthcare will raise taxes and add unneccessary bureacracy. POLITICIANS will decide the treatments and who will/wont receive care.

2. Look at the DMV. Do you want government-run service in the ER? Your hospital WILL be affected, whether you're on a private or public plan.

3. Americans may wait months to receive care. Some patient's conditions will get worse while waiting, and possibly face death waiting to receive care.

4. Many Americans are happy with their current healthcare, and a government plan would make millions of Americans have to change their current plan.

5. Yes, healthcare needs improvement. But other countries have implemented government run healthcare - IT DOESNT WORK. Let's come up with a better plan.