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Thank you to all who have joined and supported this cause lets push for the final fling aim for 60 memebers by end of 2009 we can do it. once again thank you for all your support on this cause. from warren

Right Not quite there but good enfo

   tomz im gunna get a cheque out for 20 quid and send it to RNLI. thank u for your support lets carry on and get 100 memebers Cause Creator

40 People Saved!

well another sucessful rescue by the tenby lifeguards yesderday. 36 child and 4 adults were saved after a sandbank moved and trap them in the tide. nice that the mone we raise is being put to use to save lifes. please pass this cause to all your friend would…Read More

Thank u.

thank u to everyone whos joined so far. iv changed my mind when we get 50 members i will send out a cheque 20 quid to them. lets do this. support the people who save lifes at sea.

Every 100 Members i will

personal send out a cheque for 20 pounds every 100 members we get for this cause so please pass it around to ya friends etc. thank u for joining the rnli lifeboat cause

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