Ban unsafe foreign made food

Everywhere I look lately there is more and more food and candy on our shelves that is not marked where it came from, from the Hershey's York Peppermint Patty's now Made In Mexico to the novelty candy items in the local convenience store. There are also items for consumption that are clearly marked Made in China, like the jelly pizza slices. None of the items are at any monetary savings as opposed to their American made counterparts. It is also questionable how the environment is affected in the industrial process under lax regulations as opposed to our own industrial code, not to mention the question of how these items materialize on our shelves from the other side of the world. It takes an awful lot of fossil fuel to make crap in China and bring it here. From the land of the cheapest product's possible, where poison animal feed and baby formula have been imported to sell to American's, we now have more questionable stuff to put in our kid's bellies. It destroys the planet, it kills American jobs and it can kill us. It should be BANNED. If we don't say something now, whats next?

1. Safety

2. Enviorment

3. Employment