To eliminate domestic violence in Maryland through leadership in education, training, and advocacy

The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, the state coalition, works together with local domestic violence programs, criminal justice and law enforcement personnel, legal advocates, health care and social service providers, clergy, educators, businesses, community groups, and concerned individuals--just like you--to promote a coordinated community response to END domestic violence in Maryland.

1. From 1987 to 2008, 1,409 individuals died as a result of domestic violence in Maryland. Many more are in danger of being killed.

2. In one day, 1,233 victims of domestic violence in Maryland found support from programs. Some victims are not even aware of domestic violence programs.

3. According to the Maryland State Police, in 2007 over 19,000 Marylanders reported domestic violence incidents. Many victims never report to the police.

4. In a 24 hour survey period, 19 victims called domestic violence hotlines for help every hour.

5. For more information, visit www.mnadv.org