We hope to eradicate the shark's fin trade in Singapore through education, awareness and using alternative ingredients.

We aim to eradicate the shark's fin trade in Singapore by approaching hotels and restaurants to not serve shark's fin. This may be a long and painful process, but with persistence we believe it will happen!

Despite the so-called nutritional benefits and prestige shark’s fin soup portrays, have we ever thought about the real price paid to get hold of this dish? By consuming shark’s fin soup, what does it really say about you?

The brutal price to pay – unnecessary killing and destruction of the marine eco-system – is only for human benefit. Shark’s fin itself is tasteless with no specific nutritional benefits. In fact, a lot of these so-called benefits come from the ingredients used to cook the soup! In addition, researchers have recently discovered that shark fins contain high levels of mercury, which may be fatal to human beings when consumed.

Shark-finning is a wasteful and ruthless fishing practice. Because shark meat is not highly priced and is expensive to store, most fishermen would discard alive, the maimed sharks back into the ocean, only keeping the fins they’d cut off. To let these beautiful creatures float about on the seabed and die a slow and gruesome death, is an absolutely inhumane practice.

To satisfy the demand for shark’s fin soup, a shocking 50-100 million sharks are caught annually, causing shark numbers to be down by 90%! Sharks do not reproduce quickly enough, and this amount of over-fishing gravely pushes shark numbers to extinction. Being top predators in the food chain, the existence of sharks is essential to maintain the balance of nature. Once their numbers decrease, the whole marine eco-system will be seriously affected. As it’s the case, human beings in the near future might not even have the opportunity to savour the simplest catches of the sea.

I will be posting hotel & restaurant names and email addresses where you can contact them and tell them how you feel about the shark's fin trade. Convince them to stop serving shark's fin dishes, and hopefully public pressure and advice from the more aware will encourage a change to take place. Simultaneously, I will personally send them an email with information on shark finning and provide ample campaign references. Let's fight for our oceans and make a difference!

1. We believe that when the buying stops, the killing stops too.

2. Through education & awareness, we aim to make hotels and restaurants understand that the killing of sharks for shark's fin dishes is unnecessary.

3. As a leading Asian country in many aspects like economy and business, Singapore should be at the forefront of environmental conservation.

4. We shall boycott ALL restaurants and hotels who serve shark's fin soup/dishes, and discourage the public to patronise these outlets.

5. Through this, we hope to influence other nations to follow in our conservation efforts and save our oceans!