bipolar awarness teddy bear and/or bandana!!!

I am selling bipolar awareness teddy bears and bandanas for just $5.00 each that includes shipping!!! my paypal account - [email protected] or you can mail check or money order to amy cline po box 957 Adairsville, ga 30103...all proceeds go back into cause…Read More

Last call for free bipolar awareness bracelt and free awareness suprise gift

please message me on facebook, amy n cline, with your name and mailing address

Winning the Battle Against Bipolar

Sometimes it feels like raising a child with bipolar disorder will never get easier. Here is a rare opportunity to make things better for so many kids. The Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation is in 2nd place (out of over 300) for a $250,000 grant.…Read More

please share your stories, photos, videos...

thanks for sharing!

stigma, i hate it! check out this conversation here on facebook!

share your stories regarding ignorance! here is mine! I sincerely apologize to anyone that may have been offended by my Bi-Polar post...By no means was that my intentions....I have removed that post...Seriously though... Bi-Polar is a very serious…Read More

please share your stories!

this is one of the many new features on our cause! please share your story...let other members know they are not alone in their fight with this dreadful disorder! thanks so much!

God Saved my daughter and her friend today! Cops were amazed!

I want to thank GOD for saving my daughter and her friend today! Kayley and Breanna, lost control of the car, breanna was thrown from the car, kayley pulled her away from the car, the car exploded, burned to the car! Bump, scratches, bruises!!! GOD was…Read More
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