Another round of budget cuts

Please, please, please! I am asking members to continue to recruit more membership to this cause as there is another round of budget cuts that will affect Metro Dade Fire Rescue personnel. These hard working men and women do not need to be cut from the force…Read More

Thanks again and happy new year!

Thanks again to all those who support and back Miami Dade Fire Rescue efforts. Since I started the group, 11, 232 people have joined which is more than I had imagined......Please continue to support fire rescue services in your local areas. Have a great new…Read More

Thanks again for your support!

Thank you so much for supporting this cause. It was great to see the IFFA announce the total amount given to MDA at approximately 5:45 pm which was $28.5 million dollars. Metro Dade worked hard to provide contributions and have boot drives to support MDA.…Read More

Please join Miami-Dade Fire Rescue group

I am asking members to join the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue group which will be replacing the existing "We Love MDFR" group. Your voice counts and there is strength in numbers.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Just a big "Thank you" to all those who have joined this cause. There is always strength in numbers and this is a perfect example of how support makes a difference in the community. Keep inviting more members to help this cause!
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