To change the world

People are struggling, the earth's a mess, God's not amused, and we all know something's not right here. Our mission is to provide experiences that change us, resources that challenge us, and a community that gives us hope--while connecting to our global neighborhood, especially the indigenous, women, the poor, and the ecosystem.

What to know more? Alrighty then--

We support girls' education and women's empowerment through our Give a Girl a Chance fund, providing some $40,000 a year to girls and women in Sudan, Burma, El Salvador, and Nepal. We work solely through local grassroots organizations to implement these projects.

Amazon NCP just completed the purchase and protect 137 acres of prime rainforest near the Cuyabeno Ecological Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It´s only partly deforested, and is has two streams on it--one originating there! We're replanting the deforested part--$3 plants 3 trees--a canopy tree, an understory tree and a shrub of the forest floor. Help us out! http://www.newcommunityproject.org/treefalls.shtml

Time to Travel
Jump on board one of our Learning Tours--"hmmm," you may be thinking, "dare I...?" (we came within six feet of a jaguar in the Amazon--daring, oui?!) We make regular stops in Burma, Nepal, Central America, the Ecuadorian Amazon, Sudan, the Arctic and Denali National Park.

Or visit the Sustainable Living Homestead in Harrisonburg, VA. Work in the garden, get to know the staff and neighbors--many of whom are homeless or immigrants, learn about sustaining the earth and feeding our souls at the same time!

Or Join the Band
Pledge to take better care of the earth and your global neighbors and to let your friends know about your commitments, then get a cool wristband made of sustainable rainforest materials by the Cofan people of the Ecuadorian Amazon (for $5 donation, which we send to the Cofan).

That's a small sampling of what we do--challenging people to change the world. Join us.


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