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Friends and family,

It is my pleasure to write to you and let you know that we have seen forward progress today. I was asked to meet with both the medical director and president of Regence Blue Shield of Washington today at 3:15pm. Of course, I obliged. The outcome of the entire situation is yet to be decided but, I can guarantee you this: YOU ALL HAVE DRASTICALLY CHANGED THE COURSE OF OUR BATTLE. The tides have changed, Regence has heard us, and we have reason to hope.

Thank you for selflessly giving of your time and effort to advocate for us. Thank you for putting your anger aside and crafting letters that these influential people at Regence not only read, but listened to and respected. Thank you for loving us enough to stand alongside of us and demand a different life story for me than what Regence had previously written. We are eternally grateful and deeply humbled by your support.

Now, please take this time to continue to encourage Regence and especially your local representatives and our state senators to act. No one should have to fight this hard for their life. Our Senators and Represenatives have an obligation to act in agreement with us; to advocate for change which will not allow the story of Alyssa Olsen to be repeated. We need change that ensures that the thousands of others, just like me who are already battling their own bodies to stay alive, do not have to battle others to guarantee their right to life. Now is the time to make sure our story serves as a catalyst for major change throughout this country – starting with our great state. This is only the beginning……..

To contact Sen. Patty Murray click here.

To contact Sen. Maria Cantwell click here.

To contact your congressperson click here.

To contact Gov. Gregoire click here.

To find and contact your state representatives and senator click here.

~ Alyssa

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